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Course Code Course Title Semester Course Coordinator
EE102/EE102O Fundamentals for Electrical & Electronics Engineering II Sheikh Azid
EE211 Electrical Machines II Hamendra Reddy
EE212 Analogue Electronics I II Sheikh Azid
EE222/EE222O Digital Logic Design II Sheikh Azid
EE224 Signals & Systems II Nayzel Jannif
EE225 Analog Electronics II II Utkal Mehta
EE301 Energy Supplies I Atul Raturi
EE312 Control System Engineering I Ali Mohammadi
EE313 Microprocessor Applications I Utkal Mehta
EE314 Electrical Engineering Design II Hamendra Reddy
EE321 Power Systems Analysis I Hamendra Reddy
EE323 Digital Control Systems II Ali Mohammadi
EE325 Power Electronics & Drives II Rabiul Islam
EE326 Embedded Systems II Alok Sharma
EE361 Special topics in Electrical and Electronics Engineering II Alok Sharma
EE363 Mechatronics I Utkal Mehta
EE364 Power Electronics for Distributed Generation and Renewable Energy Systems I Rabiul Islam
EE381 Professional Engineering and Project Management I David Aitchison
EE388 Project I I Assaf Mansour
EE391 Maintenance & Reliability Engin. II Rabiul Islam
EE392 Digital Signal Processing II Maurizio Cirrincione
EE399 Project II II Ali Mohammadi
EN001 Industrial Work Experience I/II Nayzel Jannif
Course Code Course Title Semester Course Coordinator
MM101 Engineering Graphics & Design I Kabir Mamun
MM103/MM103(O) Engineering Mechanics II Jai Goundar
MM211 Solid Mechanics I Jai Gounder
MM212 Metallurgy & Material Science I Rajeshkanna Anan.
MM214 Dynamics I Sumesh Narayan
MM221 Thermodynamics & Heat Transfer II Saadat Ghaffari
MM222 Fluid Mechanics II Deepak Prasad
MM223 Manufacturing Processes II Dabala (Visiting)
MM301 Energy Supplies I Atul Raturi
MM311 Applied Thermo-Fluids I M. Rafiuddin Ahmed
MM312 Solid Mechanics II I Jai Gounder
MM315 Mechanisms And Machines I Deepak Prasad
MM321 Refrigeration & Air Conditioning II M. Rafiuddin Ahmed
MM322 Metrology & Instrumentation II Kabir Mamun
MM323 Manufacturing Systems II Manuele Dabala
MM324 Mechanical And Engineering Des II Krishnil Ram
MM361 Advanced Manufacturing TBA Rajeshkanna Anan.
MM381 Professional Engineering & Engineering Management I David Aitchison
MM391 Maintenance & Reliability Engin. II Kabir Mamun
MM392 Industrial Engineering II Rajeshkanna Anan.
MM362 Advanced Fluid Dynamics TBA M. Rafiuddin Ahmed
MM363 Thermo-Fluid Dynamics, Re. En. Dev. TBA M. Rafiuddin Ahmed
MM364 Thermoplastic And Composite TBA Option not offered
MM365 Advanced Mechanical Design I David Aitchison
MM366 Special Topic In Mechanical En II Saadat Ghaffari (Visiting)
MM388 Project I I David Aitchison
MM399 Project II II Sumesh Narayan
EN001 Industrial Work Experience I/II Sumesh Narayan
Course Code Course Title Semester Course Coordinator
PH101 Quantum & Electrical Physics II Amol Kishore
PH102 Classical Physics I Abhikesh Kumar
PH106 Physics For Other Sciences I Amol Kishore
PH202 Environmental Physics II Ajal Kumar
PH204 Quantum Physics Essentials IVAjal Kumar
PH206 Electromagnetism & Electronics II Abhikesh Kumar
PH301 Energy Supplies I Atul Raturi
PH302 Electrical Commun & Instruct'N I Sushil Kumar
PH304 Solid State Physics II Atul Raturi
PH306 Measurement and Control of Physical Systems II Amol Kishore
PH402 Radio Wave Propagation I Sushil Kumar
PH407 Wind Power:Theory And App. II Ajal Kumar
PH414 Photovoltaic Power Generation II Atul Raturi
PH416 Biomass & Hydropower I Anirudh Singh
PH420 Research Project In Physics I Atul Raturi
PH421 Electronics, Active Devices I Sushil Kumar
PH422 Info Theory & Modulation Mthds I Sushil Kumar

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